Jetfloor - Insulated Ground Floors

jet floor installation

Forterra’s Jetfloor was the UK’s first system to use expanded polystyrene blocks combined with a structural concrete topping to provide high levels of thermal insulation. It consists of standard 150mm and 225mm prestressed concrete beams infilled with expanded polystyrene blocks, which are supplied in lightweight, easy to handle lengths enabling rapid coverage of large areas of floor.  It also incorporates the unique Thermalite Psi-Block®, which reduces thermal linear bridging and improves the Psi value at floor and wall junctions, helping to reduce the overall dwelling emission rate (DER). The floor is completed with at least 80mm of insulation and a layer of structural concrete reinforced with polypropylene.

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  • Flexible ‘U’ value performance
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Comprehensive in-house technical support
  • A+ Green Guide rating
  • Reduced dwelling emission rates

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